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Produse - Compresoare pentru pulbere/granule:

           Screw Compressors:

Packages Description:
Systems designed for MOUVEX/Blackmer‘s screw compressors.
All of your solution with a complete modular screw compressor system.
Versatile systems for Clock or counterclockwise drive
Other drive system possibilities

Packages Brochure:
MH6 Compresor cu surub
DDIC Screw Compressor
SP XL-DDIC Screw Compressor
DDK Screw Compressor
DDNC Screw Compressor
LS DDNC Screw Compressor
Modular Screw Compressor System
Direct Driven Systems

Warranty Book: Download

The solution for a conform mounting on European trucks and trailers.

On Truck
• Pulley driven non cooled systems
• Direct driven non cooled systems
• Pulley driven cooled systems
• Direct driven cooled systems
On Trailer
• Hydraulic motor drive adapter
• Diesel motor drive adapter
On Stationary Unit
• Power pack (diesel engine driven)
• Electric engine driven